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The Northgate School District is proud to serve the families of Avalon and Bellevue Boroughs. With just under 1,100 students in grades K-12, we are able to get to know each student on an individual basis. Our students tell us there is a strong sense of community within our district that allows them to feel like they belong. Students are able to develop into well-rounded individuals due to the opportunities the district provides including a variety of arts and sports programs, leadership opportunities, and a rigorous curriculum that pushes student engagement and challenges them to think creatively.

In the 2018-19 school year, we fully implemented our unique College in the High School Program. We made several changes to our High School curriculum to align with the expectations of the Community College of Allegheny County courses. What makes our program different than programs found in other districts is that it is accessible to all students. Families may choose to purchase college credits at a significantly reduced rate, but this is not a requirement for participation in the courses.

Through our innovative Middle School Advisory Program, every middle school student is assigned to a faculty advisor who will serve as that student’s advocate and will meet with their advisory group every day. During this time, the advisor will check in with each student to monitor academic progress and troubleshoot any issues that arise, participate in service projects as a group, complete book discussions, and engage in mindfulness activities.

At the elementary level, we continue our commitment to “remake” learning for all of our students. We’ve partnered with a variety of industry leaders to create dedicated MakerSpaces, enriched project-based learning, and field trip opportunities.

Our Mission
The Northgate School District provides a challenging academic program that prepares students to value learning, think critically and creatively and embrace diverse viewpoints.  With a focus on developing the whole child, the district provides experiences that encourage the development of empathy, integrity and resilience to prepare all students to meet with success.

Our Vision
Students First and Foremost

Student Enrollment as of February 2024
Avalon Elementary: 268
Bellevue Elementary: 313
Middle/High School: 461
Total Enrollment: 1,042

Average Student/Teacher Ratio
Elementary: 20:1
Secondary: 12:1
District: 13.1

Professional Staff as of June 2019
Professional Positions: 22
Para-Professionals: 28
District Total: 50

PDE'S ESSA Report Card
PDE’s ESSA Report Card is designed to provide education leaders and all stakeholders with additional data on student learning conditions and outcomes, with a particular focus on equity. Per Federal requirements, the Report Card includes data elements associated with the formerly biennial Civil Rights Data Collection; these elements include information on preschool programs, safe schools measures, building-level summaries on rates of experienced and effective educators, and more. The Report Card also summarizes previously issued information including school-specific data measures used for Annual Meaningful Determination of CSI and A-TSI designations this past year. The inaugural edition of the Report Card is based on information available for reporting in the 2017-18 school year.