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Core Values

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Our Mission

The Northgate School District provides a challenging academic program that prepares students to value learning, think critically and creatively and embrace diverse viewpoints.  With a focus on developing the whole child, the district provides experiences that encourage the development of empathy, integrity and resilience to prepare all students to meet with success.

Core Values

Challenging Academics: We believe academic success for all students begins by developing foundational skills in reading and mathematics. Through a systematic approach, we meet each student's individual learning needs, and build environments that raise the bar for all students to think critically and take ownership of their learning.

Northgate Way: We take pride in our schools and our community. We are proud to provide a high quality education in a nurturing environment, and we value the support of our community.  We reflect the Northgate school culture by positively communicating and engaging in relationships that reflect our core mission and values.

Empower Students and Staff: We value the diverse perspectives of our students and encourage them to confidently use their voice. We value the expertise of our staff and seek their input into our educational programming.

Value Diversity: We view our diversity as an asset. We recognize that everyone brings unique, individual strengths to the school community.  We develop opportunities for all stakeholders to see connections between themselves, the curriculum, and the district.

Whole-Child Focus: We support the development of the physical, mental and unique talents of our student population through extra curricular opportunities (PBIS, the Chill Project, arts, athletics, clubs). We prioritize the full scope of a child’s developmental needs and advance educational equity. Our  whole child approach understands that students' education and life outcomes are dependent upon their access to deeper learning opportunities in and out of school, as well as their school environment and relationships

Emphasis on Relationships: We build healthy, strong relationships and care for each other. We strive to know each other’s story and perspective.  We treat others with courtesy, respect, and dignity. We view every interaction as an investment in improving relationships. We celebrate each other’s successes.

Welcoming  Environment: We strive to make everyone feel welcomed and valued in our schools.  This starts with the first greeting on the phone or in the office. We listen and ask questions to seek clarity when a colleague, parent, or student expresses a need. We take ownership and accept responsibility for making sure needs are met.

Community Allies: We value community partnerships and recognize that it takes a village to enact the mission of the District and collectively “We” (parents/ guardians, faculty, staff and the broader community) can help students realize their potential and become good citizens.

Strategic Plan

2023 Update