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Enroll in a School

Registrations are by appointment only. Please reference the phone listed numbers below for the school you need to contact for registration. 

Avalon Elementary School email  the building principal Dr. Joe Peacock
Bellevue Elementary School email  the building principal Dr. Michael Amick
Northgate Middle or High School email  the building principal Mrs. Nicole Smith

Proof of Residency
As per Northgate School Board Policy 200, proper proof of residency from Avalon or Bellevue is required before a student will be enrolled. One (1) document from Section A must be presented and two (2) documents from Section B must be presented. Only originals will be accepted; copies will be made at the enrollment meeting.

  • Section A (One Document)
         • Current deed or lease agreement
         • Current mortgage statement
         • Most recent wage tax statement
  • Section B (Two Documents)
         • Current utility bill (gas, electric, television, water, sewage)
         • Current automotive registration
         • Current automobile insurance card/statement with address
         • Current cell phone bill
         • Current pay stub
         • Public Assistance or Medical Assistance Card with Address

A current driver’s license or PA state identification card will be required at the enrollment meeting for personal verification purposes, but will NOT be accepted as proof of residency.

Additional Items Needed For Enrollment

  • Birth certificate for student being registered (original or copy)

Completed Enrollment Forms