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Student presenting in front of his peers

Bellevue Elementary students presented a cultural museum for their peers on Friday, May 26, highlighting a variety of cultures through food and family traditions.

Students studying English as a Second Language were paired with students serving as SPARK ambassadors to create a gallery of displays for all students to explore throughout the day. Students also created a recipe book featuring dishes from Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, and Pakistan!

Click here to view the recipes!

Group photo of swim team

Victory is sweeter when it comes in double doses. Just ask the boys and girls of the Northgate/Avonworth MS Swim Team, who hoisted their respective First Place Trophies above the crowd of swimmers gathered at the South West Conference Invitational, hosted by West Allegheny High School this past weekend. The event was the finale for the nine middle school swim teams of the conference, and a testament to the strength of swimming in Northgate/Avonworth territory.


Ad for Kennywood with picture of people on roller coaster

The annual Northgate School District picnic will be at Kennywood on May 27.

Tickets for the May 27 event can be purchased online for $35.99 + fees. There is also a flex date option for $38.99.

Follow these steps to order tickets:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the "Buy Now" tab.
  3. Enter your 2023 School Ticket quantity.
  4. Enter Promo Code: northgate for school picnic date or northgateflex for other date of choice through June 30
  5. Cclick apply.
  6. Click continue to advance to the ticket calendar and select your date.
  7. Click submit.

Click here for an event flyer.

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