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Parent Resources

The Northgate School District is committed to student achievement and recognizes the important connection among home, school and community. We believe that parental involvement is essential for children to succeed in school, and encourage all parents to become participants in their child’s educational journey.

Parents are a child's first and most important teachers. The most successful students are those who have the involvement of their parents and the support from their local community. 

PowerSchool is Northgate's Student Information System and covers administrative needs, such as scheduling, attendance, state compliance reporting, data management, faculty management, emergency/medical and health management, registration, and more. Parents and students can use PowerSchool to view student's schedule, attendance, and grades.

When a student is enrolled in the Northgate School District parents will receive a PowerSchool Access ID and Access Password that is linked to their child. Parents will need to visit the Northgate PowerSchool Portal and create an account using the PowerSchool Access ID and Access Password. Creating your parent PowerSchool account is only done once can be used by more than one parent. Your account connects you to your student and will be used throughout their K-12 experience at Northgate.

If you don't have or lost your PowerSchool Access ID and Access Password or need assistance with creating your PowerSchool account, please contact your child’s building secretary.

PowerAnnouncement allows the Northgate School District to send messages using email, voice, and text messaging. PowerAnnouncement is integrated with your existing PowerSchool Account. If you log-on to the Northgate PowerSchool Portal you will see a link for "Power Announcement." If you click the link, you will be able to view and update all of the contact information the District has for you. To guarantee the messaging system is used efficiently, you will need to make sure your contact information is accurate and up-to-date at all times.

You will also be able to choose your communication preferences based on message category, such as School Closures or Student Bulletins, and message type (email, voice and/or text message). To receive text messages, you must go to Preferences by Message Type and check the box next to contact me using Text Messaging. By default, phone calls and email are chosen. You will receive messages to every contact field shown and every message category that has all three message types chosen. Please be sure to set your unique preferences if there are any numbers or addresses you do not like to be contacted at. You may opt-out of any message category except for Emergency Messages.

Attendance Excuse
Students who miss school are required to submit an attendance excuse to the district. Parents may either fill out an attendance excuse form and return it to your school's office or attendance secretary listed below:

Amy Pizzica
Northgate Middle/High School

Danielle DiDomenico
Avalon Elementary

Fara Pienkosky
Bellevue Elementary