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College in the High School

Through a unique partnership with the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC), we offer eligible high school students an opportunity to earn college credits as part of a rigorous College in High School (CIHS) program. Our high school course syllabi were analyzed and aligned to CCAC courses to ensure that Northgate High School students would have the opportunity to engage in coursework that prepares them for college and career readiness. 

Participating in our CIHS Program can save students and their families over $60,000 in tuition costs. We encourage all students to take additional CIHS courses that fit their schedule and interests. Students will take placement exams during the summer between their freshman and sophomore years, ensuring that they are prepared for the rigorous expectations of college-level work. Students needing additional support or remediation may register for developmental coursework over the summer, re-test at the beginning of their sophomore year, and may then, given satisfactory placement test scores, enroll in the CIHS program courses.

The cost of taking advantage of this opportunity is currently $116 per CIHS course, regardless of the number of credits associated with the course. Students must also pay a one-time-only $25 matriculation fee. Costs cover all registration fees and access to CCAC’s technology and academic support resources. This discounted pricing is available only to students enrolled in courses that are part of the CCAC CIHS program taught onsite at Northgate. 

The cost of each course is set annually by CCAC. At times, sponsorship is available through the district. If sponsorship is not available, each family is responsible for paying for the cost of each CCAC course. Families will be billed directly from CCAC. Financial information and a schedule of events for registration, testing, and enrollment will be mailed home during the spring prior to a student’s Freshman year.