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Each Northgate building offers students and staff a variety of resources from written books to the latest in educational technology to enhance classroom learning and aid students in gaining proficiency in many areas. Library media specialists work closely with classroom and subject area teachers to engage students, promote interest in the library and increase student achievement.

Elementary Students 
Elementary students have one 40-minute library each week during the school year. Students will explore a variety of research projects throughout their experience. 

Secondary Students

The Secondary Media Center is open to students for use before and after school. Students are encouraged to visit the Media Center and Makerspace to help grow plants in our Tower Garden, to tinker with electronic circuits, build with legos, use our 3D printer, put together puzzles, use 3D pens, meet with friends to study, sit and relax in our reading area and much more. 

7th-grade students take Library Research for a 9-week period as part of their quarterly rotation. Middle school students also have the opportunity to enroll in the School News course as an elective for a semester or full year.

Both Middle School and High School students will visit the Media Center for research projects assigned as classwork as well as on their own during study halls. The Media Center is available for four periods during the school day when students drop by and work on independent research or use the Makerspace. 

For More Information

Elementary Librarian
Gail Bernauer
412-732-3300 Ext. 3320

Secondary Librarian/Media Specialist
Robb Craycraft
412-732-3300 Ext. 1130

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