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Elementary Online Learning

Our online courses for our K-6 students will mirror the content of the brick and mortar classroom and will be facilitated by the student’s Northgate classroom teacher. Lessons will contain video, online tools, as well as paper and pencil activities. Daily teacher check-ins will be held during specific office hours. The support of an adult at home is important to the student’s success, and this person will be considered an integral part of the student’s learning team.

By utilizing our own curriculum, we are ensuring that all of the Northgate Online Learning Academy courses for grades K-6 are standards-aligned and will keep pace with the learning of students in the classroom. Our rigorous courses and curriculum combine the face-to-face experience of the classroom teacher with the flexibility of online learning from the most rewarding digital learning experience available.

Additionally, having Northgate teachers at the helm of this program ensures that students can return to our traditional brick and mortar setting seamlessly should the desire exist. Having a Northgate teacher, Northgate technical support, and members of the Northgate faculty looking out for your educational success cannot be understated. We hope that if online education is something that you are looking for, you will join the Northgate Online Learning Academy where distance learning is personal and full of possibilities.

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Director of Curriculum and Assessment
Dr. Chris Caton
412-732-3300 Ext. 1101