Virtual Counseling Office

The COVID-19 restrictions and guidance offered have placed school districts in a challenging situation which will include beginning the school year with remote learning. 

This fall, the school counselors will be providing virtual lessons. These lessons will focus on resiliency and career awareness/education. Lessons will be provided using the school counselor’s google classroom. Notifications for posted lessons will be sent to students via their Northgate email address. Student and parent resources can also be found by accessing your school counselor’s Bitmoji Office.

Virtual therapy sessions are available for individual and small groups as needed. If your child is in need of social or emotional support, please reach out to the building counselor.

The school counselors will also be available to support students during office hours from 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Virtual Counseling Resources

For More Information

Avalon Elementary Counselor
412-732-3300 Ext. 3112

Bellevue Elementary Counselor
Brian Talbert
412-732-3300 Ext. 4206