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Tax Conversion Study Commission

At the their meeting on February 16, 2021, the Northgate Board of School Directors approved the creation of a tax study commission. The board also appointed individuals to serve on the commission as authorized by Section 6926.331(a) of the Taxpayer Relief Act. These appointees meet the membership requirements of the Act. The sole purpose of the commission is to issue a recommendation to the Board regarding the imposition of taxes within the District.

List of Appointees:
Connie Rankin, Chairperson
Jodi Cerminara, Secretary
Christine King, Board Representative
Ron Bedison
Molly Brown
Justin Greenawalt
Carolyn Laquatra
Sabreena Miller
Connie Rankin
Samuel Sesti

Meetings will take place virtually on Thursdays from March 11-April 15. A Public Hearing is scheduled for Thursday, April 22 at 7 pm. Links to join each meeting are available on the District Calendar

Click here to see the transcript of the Public Hearing held on April 22.

Recommendation of the Northgate Tax Study Commission presented to the Northgate Board of School Directors on May 10, 2021. The Local Tax Study Commission of the Northgate School District does not recommend that the Board of School Directors of the Northgate School District approve a Resolution authorizing a referendum question for voters at the 2021 municipal election on whether to increase the Homestead Exclusion to a maximum amount allowable by law, with resulting property tax reduction, and corresponding increase in EIT/PIT rate to fund the property tax reduction.

The Board of School Directors voted to accept the recommendation of the Local Tax Study Commission at the May 17 meeting. The Board of School Directors also discharged the Local Tax Study Commission from its duties of making a non-binding recommendation to the Board relating to reducing property taxes and increasing earned income taxes. The Commission satisfied its obligations under Act 1 when it presented its recommendation on May 10.