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Food Services

The Northgate School District's Food Service program has been managed by Sodexo for over 40 years. Nutrition is the cornerstone of our ongoing foodservice partnership, providing healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks so that students are ready to perform at their highest levels in the classroom, on the sports field, and in life. With menus aligned with the high standards of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act students have the option of a deliciously wholesome and nutritious meal each day. Our menus feature a variety of fresh foods and tastes that help meet student’s requests.

Breakfast and lunch meals are served in each building daily. Breakfast is a boost for student focus on learning. Each lunch is composed of 5 food groups; meat, grain, vegetables, fruits, and milk. Students must select one serving of fruit or one serving of vegetable along with at least two other items to qualify as a school meal. We encourage students to choose all 5 items for the as incomplete meals will be charged a la carte prices. Students who have qualified for the free or reduced meal program must follow the above meal options to qualify for the program. 

2019-2020 Meal Prices
Breakfast $1.10
Elementary Daily Lunch $2.40
Secondary Daily Lunch $2.80


Elementary Menus
The tastes and expectations of elementary students revolve around food, friends, and fun. The Clubhouse program focuses on colorful items that help to entice and motivate students to select from a variety of entrees. Students add their preferred fruit, vegetable and milk to create a nutritionally balanced meal. Colorful signs and promotional themes focus on building friendship and staying active.

Secondary School Menus
The next generation of secondary student school dining is Crossroads Cafe. Exciting new menus feature unique choices that are flavorful and nutritious. In addition to the daily favorites, students can choose from the Pizza Station, MTO Deli station, Grill Station, MTO Salad Bar, Grab-n-Go items, Homemade Soups, and Favorites station.

Meal Payment Options

Pay Online: View your child's purchase history and make payments at PaySchools Central. Payments can be set up automatically or add money as needed. A convenience fee will be charged at the time of payment. Payments will update to your account within 24-48 hours but as quickly as 30 minutes. You can set up an alert to notify you when your student's meal account has fallen below the amount you have specified. We recommend you set up the low balance reminder at $10.00 to provide families with enough time to add additional funds.

Many parents/guardians want to monitor their student's meal habits, but continue to send a check or cash in with the student. It is FREE to create an online account with PaySchools Central, monitor your student's eating habits and create low balance alerts. The only time you are charged a fee is if you choose to pay online. We recommend all families create an account to monitor spending. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pay for any accrued meal charges.

Pay Cash: When sending in cash for elementary students, please place the cash in an envelope with your child’s name and have them give it to their teacher. Secondary students may hand cash to the cashier during breakfast or lunch service.

Pay By Check: Make checks payable to the Northgate Cafeteria Fund and please record your student's name and student ID number on the check. When sending a check for elementary students, please place the check in an envelope with your child’s name and have them give it to their teacher. Secondary students may hand the check to the cashier during breakfast or lunch service.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pay for any accrued meal charges. For more information, please review the Northgate Food Services Policy.

Meal Charging Guidelines

I. Purpose

  • To establish fair and consistent rules regarding meal account charges and expectations of payment for service rendered. 
  • To establish fair and consistent rules that allow the food service department to collect all monies due to the school district for meal service provided.
  • To build positive and clear communication between the district food service, school district staff and the community regarding these guidelines. 

II. Payments

  • It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to monitor and keep students meal accounts funded at all times.
  • Balances can be found at 
  • If you are unable to pay for meals, please visit for information regarding the free and reduced meal program. 

III. Negative Meal Account Balances
It is expected that student meal accounts be funded at all times. We do understand that occasionally negative balances can occur, therefore the following rules will apply regarding charges to student’s meal accounts:

  • No student who requests a meal will be denied a main lunch option unless the student’s parent or guardian has provided a written request to the Food Service Department to withhold a school lunch or to not allow a la carte options.
  • When documentation from the parent or guardian has been provided, items can be removed from the student’s tray at the register a school meal option must include three of the five components; one must be a fruit or vegetable.The five lunch components are Meat/Meat Alternative, Grain, Fruit, Vegetable, and Milk. Entrees consist of the Meat/Meat Alternative and Grain options (ie Pizza Slice, Grill Sandwich, Salad Bar or Deli Sandwich) When all components of a breakfast or lunch are not taken, the cashier must charge a la carte prices for the food items.
  • Students will not be reminded at the register of their current balance. Students may request their balance from the cashier. All balance notifications will be sent to the parent/guardian.
  • Meals served to students should not be removed or exchanged as a result of overdrawn meal accounts or free/reduced status. When a student with an overdrawn meal account has selected a meal or items and they do not have positive funds or cash to purchase, the student will be permitted to have the items without discussion. The meal and/or items will be charged to the child’s meal account.
  • When purchases are made with cash, the change should be issued to the students except when the student asks for the balance to be applied to his/her meal account.
  • In the event that a student’s meal account is over -$50.00 and two attempts have been made to collect the debt without response, the district will use a third party collection agency to complete the collection process.

IV. End of Year Meal Account Balances

  • Seniors: All monies owed to the district food service must be paid in full prior to graduation.
  • If a positive or negative balance is left in student’s account at the end of the school year, that balance will remain and carry over into the next school year.

Free & Reduced Meal Program

Please apply online at to see if you qualify. Only one application needs to be submitted per household, even if your children attend more than one school in the Northgate School District. The application must be filled out completely to certify your children for free or reduced-price school meals. Please note that the application is good for the current school year and the first 30 operating days of the following school year – so you will need to complete the application every year.

If you are unable to apply online or do not have access to a computer, please contact Gail Trust at 412-732-3300 Ext. 1001 or email for further instruction or assistance with applying for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

Summer Food Programs

To locate a local summer meals program for free meals to students under 18 years old, please contact one of the following.

For More Information

Food Service Department
Julianne Griffin
412-732-3300 Ext. 1009

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