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Goal Areas & Evaluation

The Pennsylvania School Code provides as follows: The Superintendent shall be the chief administrative officer and chief instructional officer of the Board of Education and the School District, and shall be responsible for the execution of all actions of the Board, the administration and operation of the public school system subject to the policies of the Board, and the supervision of all matters pertaining to instruction in all the schools under the direction of the Board. The Superintendent’s goals will be aligned to the District’s mission: “to provide the best education possible for each and every student.”  

Superintendent Goal Areas 2019-20

The following goal areas were collaboratively developed by the Superintendent, Board of Directors and administrative team.

Goal Area 1 | Development Of Well-Aligned Rigorous Assessments
Rationale: If we want to ensure students are prepared to be college and career ready, we must make sure their skills and knowledge align to our well-articulated curriculum.  This means developing rigorous performance indicators that will inform both instruction and future curriculum alignment.


  • Dedicated time for assessment building and creation. This will be a collaborative effort with the Director Curriculum, Principals and teachers. Technical expertise from the AIU3 will be included as needed. The focus will be on using student data to identify areas of weakness and strength to more closely align our instruction with the expectations of the PA Core Standards. 
  • Develop a more strategic focus on the use of student data for the purpose of driving instruction and monitoring progress. 

Champions:  Superintendent, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Principals


Goal Area 2 | College in the High School Program
Rationale: This past year, the College in the High School program was implemented in the High School. Significant time and effort was spent on developing our partnership with CCAC in order to provide students access to affordable college credits.This is significant, because it provides an opportunity for students who may not have considered college an option. We were fortunate enough to receive funding through a generous grant from the Grable Foundation. Our focus this year is to increase the number of students taking advantage of this program by maintaining close contact with CCAC, communicating effectively with families and providing supports throughout the enrollment process.    


  • Monthly meetings with the Northgate administration and CCAC representatives. These meetings will be for the purpose of trouble-shooting, planning communication and support, and monitoring progress.
  • Written communication to families, including letters sent home and social media.
  • On-site events at Northgate and CCAC to promote the program and assist families with enrollment.
  • Provide support to students for the placement tests.

Champions:  Superintendent, Director of Curriculum and Assessment, High School Principal 


Goal Area 3 | Teacher Negotiations
Rationale: As stated in the recent financial review completed by PASBO, they are “cautiously optimistic” about our financial future. This optimism is dependent on negotiating a teacher contract that takes into account the financial realities that all districts are facing with our current state funding system. This year, we will be engaged in teacher negotiations for the current Collective Bargaining Agreement that is set to expire June 30, 2020. Consideration must be given to negotiating a contract that appropriately compensates our teachers and takes into consideration our financial realities. 


  • Work with the Board to set goals and parameters for negotiations.
  • Prepare information for the Board that is necessary and relevant for negotiations.
  • Participate in negotiation sessions when deemed appropriate by the Board.
  • Provide regular updates to the Board on the progress of negotiations.

Champions:  Superintendent, Business Manager 

Superintendent Goal Areas and Evaluation 2018-19

Goal Area 1 | Development Of An Aligned K-12 Curriculum
Rationale: In order to prepare students to be college and career ready, we must make sure all students are ready for the information age while enhancing critical thought.  We must develop a curriculum that uniquely meets the needs of all learners while progressively providing them with access to rigorous, customized programs of study. 

Measurables: This collaborative effort includes dedicated days for curriculum analysis and writing led by the faculty, the curriculum director, and building principals with technical expertise from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. The focus will be on using student data to identify areas of weakness and strength to more closely align our instruction with the expectations of the PA Core Standards. 

The Northgate School District will develop a strategic focus on the use of student data for the purpose of driving instruction and monitoring progress including:

  • Broaden the use of USA Test Prep to identify individual student strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide instruction that is specifically tailored to each child’s profile
  • Use district data to inform curriculum development


Goal Area 2 | Operations And Finance
Rationale: The Board of School Directors has been in the process of gaining a renewed understanding of facilities management, and its role in that process, especially when undertaking a multi-year capital improvement plan. This is an area of work that needs to continue to ensure that there is a plan for maintaining the district’s capital assets.    

Measurables: The superintendent and business manager will work with the Buildings and Grounds Committee to identify priorities for this year and a calendar for implementation. Develop a three-five year strategic plan for updating and renovating the elementary buildings.  This will include a breakdown by year of major capital improvement projects. Plan and implement capital improvement projects for Summer 2019, including a decision regarding Alumni Stadium.


Goal Area 3 | Community Engagement
Rationale: The Northgate School District must develop a sustained connection with families, business, and residents of the district to enhance long-term support. Strategically, it makes sense to communicate with these target audiences as if they are customers to ensure an understanding of our “products.”  The focus will be both internal and external communications with faculty, staff, and families with an emphasis on gathering feedback on the Northgate experience.

Measurables: Continue to implement a process for the District to consistently promotes “points of pride,” including parent emails, social media postings, back-to-school nights, and other communication channels. This year, we plan on adding a digital video series that features the  Superintendent promoting the district and redesigning the District website. 

Additional tactics include:

  • Quarterly District Newsletter from the Superintendent to be distributed to the community.
  • Continue the “Coffee with Caroline” series featuring small, conversational groups to drive participation and engagement.
  • Conduct parent survey based on previous Communication Audit results. Analyze for positive and negative trends and make recommendations.

Superintendent Evaluation & Objective Performance Standards
In addition to the annual goals, the evaluation will assess progress made in the following special focus goal area specific to the 2018-19 contract year: Public Relations and Communications, Relevance and Rigor in Educational Programming, Stakeholder Morale, and Enhancement of District Funding Sources.

The Superintendent’s Annual Evaluation was conducted and approved by the Northgate Board of School Directors on August 19, 2019. Based on the 2018-19 goals, Dr. Caroline Johns was rated as More than Satisfactory.