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The Northgate School District uses laptop computers and a variety of technology, such as electronic whiteboards and projectors, as tools to enhance and facilitate learning and assessment. Computer instruction is provided to all students, and computer labs are available to students and staff in each building. Classrooms are equipped with screens and projectors. A high-speed wireless network and networked laser printers exist in all buildings across the district.

The Technology Department is responsible for providing ongoing support for all students and staff in the district.

We are in the process of implementing to a 1:1 technology model over the course of this coming year. iPads will be provided to students in kindergarten and 1st grade. ChromeBooks will be provided to students in grades 2-12. We placed our order for these devices earlier this summer but there is a significant backorder time due to current demand.

Any family in need of technology for remote learning should send an email to

For More Information

Technology Support Specialist
Rob King
412-732-3300 Ext. 1225

Technical Support

Student  Support
For technology support regarding non-functional district owned
devices or login issues email

For issues connecting to Google Classroom email your classroom
teacher directly.

Google Suite Status
Click here to check the status of our Google Suite Applications.

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