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Report Cards

Northgate Middle School operates on a quarterly 9-week grading period.  Report cards are handed out at the end of every 9 weeks and final report cards will be mailed home. Please check the district calendar or website for distribution dates. Parents can check grades anytime using Power School's Parent Portal.

Students are graded on a numeric grading scale. 
90 – 100% = A
80 – 89% = B
70 – 79% = C
60 – 69% = D
0 – 59% = F

Our middle school teachers meet weekly to discuss student progress.  During Advisory, teachers and students check academic progress.  Additionally, students needing support will be offered remediation and enrichment during our Focus Period.  The best way to avoid failure is to always work to your ability at all times and contact your teacher immediately for special help when you feel you are having difficulty. 

Incomplete grades may change the final average to “failing.” Regardless of a student’s average, any course may be failed by not meeting special course requirements. Our entire grading system is based on the premise that one is held accountable for completing all requirements. Teachers reserve the right to give a failing grade for any assignment submitted after a given deadline without an acceptable reason.

Honor Roll
An Honor Roll will be published every grading period including the names of all students who have an 85% or higher grade average. All courses will be included in calculating grade averages in proportion to the particular amount of credit given each course. Students achieving three consecutive certificates in Distinguished Honors will receive a certificate of distinction at the awards program in May.

The Honor Roll will be as follows:
95 – 100%+ = Distinguished Honors
90 – 94.99% = High Honors
85 – 89.99% = Honors